Gramma’s FOR Ganja Organization

1. We are convinced that de facto prohibition of the Cannabis sativa L. plant species is fundamentally wrong,

      a)      Because it conflicts with the basic American principles of local home rule and destroys the balance, established by the framers of our government, between powers delegated to the Federal authority and those reserved to the sovereign states or to the people themselves,
b)      And because its attempt to impose total abstinence by national governmental fiat ignores the truth that no law will be respected or can be enforced unless supported by the moral sense and the common consciousness of the communities affected by it.

2. We are convinced that de facto prohibition, wrong in principle, has been equally disastrous in consequences in the hypocrisy, the corruption, the tragic loss of life and the appalling increase of crime which have attended the abortive attempt to enforce it; in the checking of the steady growth of temperance which had preceded it; in the shocking effect it has had upon the youth of the nation; in the impairment of constitutional guarantees of individual rights; in the weakening of the sense of solidarity between the citizen and the government which is the only sure basis of a country’s strength.

The Gramma’s FOR Ganja Organization records these convictions and declares:

Boston, Massachusetts, April 20, 2003