Gramma’s For Ganja Organization


1.That the name of the organization be the "Gramma’s For Ganja Organization."

2. That the officers of this Organization consist of a Chairwoman, not less than nine Vice-chairwomen, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, to be elected at an Annual Meeting for a term of two years; and, that the Chairwoman be authorized to designate a first Vice-chairwoman who shall be empowered to act with full authority in the absence of the Chairwoman.

3. That there be an Executive Committee composed of the officers of the Organization, and not less than fifteen others to be appointed by the Chairwoman.

4. That there be an annual national meeting, the time and place to be decided by the Executive Committee; and four annual regional meetings to discuss national policies.

5. That there be such Standing Committees appointed by the Chairwoman as shall be found necessary for the development of the purpose of this Organization.

6. That the voting representation of each state shall be considered and determined at the annual meeting by the Executive Committee.

7. That the state Organizations shall follow as closely as possible the form of the National Organization.

8. That in emergencies where the time element prevents the calling of a meeting of the National Executive Committee, the National Chairwoman be empowered or authorized to act on questions of National Policy.

9. That there shall be no membership dues.

10. That the Gramma’s FOR Ganja Organization shall not contribute to anyone running for a political office, nor accept from such candidate financial assistance in any form during his or her respective campaigns.


April 20, 2003